About Us
About Our Business

Our searches are exclusively for top financial professionals, and we have
completed numerous assignments from the Analyst to Managing Director
Our philosophy through the years has been to remain small and focused.  In this
way, we insure that all clients receive the same dedicated attention--whether it is
for a junior search at the analyst level or for a senior search at the partner level.

We are committed to quality--in our service and in our results--and treat both our
clients and candidates as top priorities.

Many of our clients have turned to us for help on searches left unfilled by our
larger, old-line competitors.  Many have also come to us because these same
competitors offered a slow process with little direct, personal knowledge of the
candidate base.

We only accept searches in our niche and thus assure timely results with
24 hour /7 day availability.

All client contact and candidate interviewing is done by the founding partner,
Pamela Zeug.  Ms. Zeug is a graduate of Duke University and has over 15 years
of experience in the search business.